Dedicated Bandwidth
پهنای باند اختصاصی3

Dedicated bandwidth service is provided to public and private organizations. This service helps organizations to use high speed and dedicated Internet. MabnaTelecom is one of the first companies that received FCP certificate from Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) and has one of the most advanced technical structures across Iran. Our wide network of optic fiber and WWAN provide reliable platform for our clients.

MabnaTelecom is one of the IP address providers in Iran and our clients can have their specific Internet address. Furthermore, we provide routing services to our clients. All our radio equipment have formal certificate from CRA.  Our dedicated bandwidth service has following merits:

  • We support our clients by ticketing and telephone lines during 24-7, 365.
  • We provide Internet ID given client need
  • We use two international transit route for achieving highest network reliability level.
  • Technical assessment and installing equipment as soon as possible


For more details please contact us:

Tel: 0098 21 87666